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Your Nameharry
Where are you fromUK
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Commentsim a 16yo with PC and i didnt really know i had it until just over a year ago, id never really looked at another males chest and compared it to mine, tbh i wuddnt know if it was there or not back then. for all i know its just developed over the last year.
Does your pectus deformity affect you psychologically?MORE THAN ANYONE CAN IMAGINE!!! i canniot look at it ikn the mirror and i havent even been able 2 think about relationships, i flinch whenever a girl comes near to touching it, it affetcs everything about my life!!! i have to choose my clothes carefully, i cant go swimming whichi used to love, i stopped doing P.E at skool as it meant taking my top off in the changing room, urgh just everything is so bad!
Does your pectus deformity affect you physically?hmm, well i am asthmatic so ive never erally been able to get into sport, but asthma and Pectus conditions are closely related so..who knows if this is the cause.
What do you think of this website?well i googled the condition and i have been on everyw website related to the subject and have since made a doctors appoinment to get my PC looked at, it hasnt really been discussed with any1 in my family, so this has completely swung it all around for me...thank you!

Your NameMichael Harper
Where are you fromWrexham, North Wales
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CommentsI've had problems with pectus from about the age of 14 both physical and psychological, It was only recently I discovered it had a name and could be treated, after searching online I found a surgeon who understood what I needed to be done, so to cut a long story short I travelled to Germany and had a Nuss repair in June 06' by Prof. Schaarschmidt and his team in Berlin. They have a wealth of experience and I achieved great results. If anyone wants to read about my experience in Berlin and see pictures, please visit my personal website Also don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions
Does your pectus deformity affect you psychologically? 
Does your pectus deformity affect you physically? 
What do you think of this website?Great, I think Pectus awareness is lacking in Britain at the moment, and the internet is a brilliant way of spreading the word.

Your NameRick
Where are you fromLancashire
Your Web Site URLhttp://ghj
Commentsthis website is ok place to learn about pe but i cant any help to get me closer to getting surgery
Does your pectus deformity affect you psychologically?yes it does, i want to go swimming and that with my friends but find myself to embassed
Does your pectus deformity affect you physically?not until i reached 18 am now 20 and it hasn't got any worse but its not got better.
What do you think of this website?its ok

Your NameLynn Perkins
Where are you fromBoise, ID, USA
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CommentsMy son, 3yrs 4mos old has just been diagnosed w/pectus carinatum. I was wondering if there is a similar site or list of specialists in the U.S.
Does your pectus deformity affect you psychologically? 
Does your pectus deformity affect you physically? 
What do you think of this website?Thank you for compiling this information.

Your NameAdam Tomlinson
Where are you fromChesterfield , Derbyshire
Your Web Site URLhttp://
CommentsIm was very suprised to learn how common the mentioned chest deformities are, I found this site easy to read and very informative
Does your pectus deformity affect you psychologically?If I went back five or six years then I would say that without a doubt my Pectus Carinatum definatley affected me psychologically with regaurds to things such as low self worth and never being seen without my T'shirt on , this I would say also played a big role in relationships as they would always comment on it ask what/why it was like that , things like that would lower your self confidence even more to the point were I even attemted suicide. Its a real shame that the medical institutions dont see this as a problem to us men who have suffered as a result of this deformity , how ever on a plus note since the suicide attempt Ive made possitive changes to my life , things like putting on a little extra weight seems to have helped as the Pectus Carinatum is not as prominent as it once was , I web sites like this existed when I was growing up as it would have perhaps made me more prepered ffor the reactions of others thus being able to answer quetions about this condition rather than shying away from it and gettin all embaressed .
Does your pectus deformity affect you physically?I dont think it affects me Phisically.
What do you think of this website?very informative well done to the people who put it together.

Your NameLee
Where are you fromKent, England
Your Web Site URLhttp://
CommentsOn the 29th august 2006, I go into hospital to have the ravitch operation, this is being done at guys hospital, london. I had no difficulty getting the operation done which I am very surprised about, although choosing the right hospital may have helped.
Does your pectus deformity affect you psychologically?Psychologically, this deformity has ruined my life, and for the last 37 years, I have hated going swimming, and will come up with a thousand excuses not to go! I also hated sports at school due to getting undressed in front of my mates. I also feel that it has stopped me from acheiving in life, especially socially and even more so with women!
Does your pectus deformity affect you physically?I think this does effect me physically, but never being without the deformity, does make it hard to compare, although I do get out of breath easily, and do get some very strange heart beats, sometimes stopping and restarting which can be quite scary!
What do you think of this website?This is a brilliant website, I always thought I was the only person who suffered from this, and it was only about two months ago that I found out what was wrong with me! I always said that if I could find a cure then I would get it fixed, well, here I am, one week away from the rest of my life, hopefully! lol! My only regret is that I didn't get it fixed twenty years ago, but I can't wait to take my daughters swimming or go to the beach without a t-shirt on! Hopefully the operation will go as planned and I'm happy with the results.

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